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April 2014

This site is dedicated to cancer patients seeking the best and most up-to-date scientifically-based cancer natural strategies. These cancer natural strategies can be used alone, or as part of an integrative plan of cancer management that includes conventional medical treatment.

*The Need to be Distinctive


You’ve arrived here for a reason. You’re looking for something that works…with credibility. There are piles of alternatives just a click away a click away. So why take more time here. Read on.

* New Knowledge Demands a New Approach

As of 2014, it’s a whole new ball game in understanding cancer. It’s all about genes now. Gene expression is what drives cancer. Faulty gene expression is what started it off, what is driving it at this very minute…and what can, when corrected…reverse it.

* How is That Possible?

It’s now been proven scientifically, mainly over the last couple of years, that lifestyle behavior alters the expression of our genes. The process is called epigenetics. Time magazine has covered it. So has scientific American. That’s the gem here. (** see the reference below to coverage on Science Daily).

* So What’s the Plan?

We’ve pulled this latest research together into a comprehensive plan of action …not just a bunch more old information about diet and supplements…enabling cancer survivors for the first time ever to implement a program backed by the most powerful new science ever. The program is doable, it’s potent and it works.

* How Do We Know it Works?

As a 26 year survivor of an incurable cancer called follicular Non-Hodgkins lymphoma where the median survival time is only about 10 years, I can verify how well this program works. I’m well and fully active at age 72.

True, I’m just one person. But if you go to our website at you will see commentary over the past 10 years from our members at about the effectiveness of our program, and how well these real survivors are doing in real life.

* Will it Work for Prostate Cancer?

Virtually the same program that works so well for follicular lymphoma survivors will work for prostate cancer patients who don’t need treatment (in active surveillance), and want to keep it that way…in fact do even better than that, reverse whatever cancer there is. Of course the program also works well for those that have had treatment and don’t want a recurrence.

* Isn’t This Just a Re-Hash of the Old Alt-Med Stuff That Seldom Worked?

From a distance, some things look similar. But the big difference now is that with this new knowledge about which specific genes are driving the cancer process…now referred to as the “DNA Repair Genes”…we can focus with greater precision than ever before on just what things to do…and NOT do. And the beauty of it is that each survivor can be the manager of his own program. It’s sort of like “personalized gene therapy”.


You will receive a 62 page document with the following Table of Contents:



Chapter 1  The Treatment/Wellness Spectrum

Chapter 2  A New Era Dawning in Cancer Management

Chapter 3  The Science Explaining How “Personalized Gene Therapy” Works

Chapter 4  Recent Studies Show Cancer Natural Strategies Get Results

Chapter 5  The Four Pillar Approach

Chapter 6  The First Pillar: Optimal Vitamin D

Chapter 7  The Second Pillar: Regular Moderate Exercise

Chapter 8  The Third Pillar: Quality Sleep and Stress Management

Chapter 9  The Fourth Pillar: Diet and Supplements

Chapter 10  Other Winning Natural Strategies

Appendix  A  References


The cost is just $24.95. Please email us at with “Cancer Strategies” as the Subject. We will send you the document right away, in advance of payment, with payment instructions which you can follow up on after you have had a chance to review the content and quality of our information. Can’t lose with that!

Questions…just call 1-888-FEEL-AOK (333-5265).

Wishing you the very “BEST In HEALTH”,

Robert G. Miller and Judith G. Oakley, Ph.D.


** Enter the terms epigenetic and lifestyle in the search box at


Please Remember…Surviving cancer with health and vitality is the greatest victory you will ever achieve. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be successful. Here’s where you find out how, starting RIGHT NOW.

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